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Despite the abundant resources Nigeria is blessed with, there is still prevalent poverty in the land. This is due to lack of patriotism, commitment and judicious use of available resources; otherwise the campaign against poverty would have been unnecessary in Nigeria.”   —-Alh. Dr. Abdulmumuni Kabir Usman (HRH Emir of Katsina)

PADEAP NIGERIA Stand Up campaigners in Northwest Nigeria have mobilized more than 3 million people (over three times the number that stood up in 2008) to Stand Up and Take Action against poverty and demonstrate their resolve to continue to support the MDGs.

From school assemblies, worship places, public rallies, symposia, symbolic events and media programmes all over the zone, citizens sent a unified and even stronger message to all stakeholders to intensify efforts of putting an end to poverty.

PADEAP started the events by holding a ‘Talakawa’ summit in Zamfara. The approach adopted by PADEAP is to localize and advocate for grassroots ownership of the campaign. Everyone present participated in the campaign putting their leaders at the national, state and local levels on notice that their promises to achieve the Millennium Development Goals by 2015 must be met – no more delays or excuses are acceptable!

In partnership with Zamfara based Peace Education Development Organization, (PEDO) Nigeria, The talakawa summit aimed to address the fundamental problem in good governance, the wide chasm that exists between elected representatives and their constituents. Interaction between these important groups in governance is very crucial to the actualization of the MDGs. This is exactly what the summit focused on.

During the event PADEAP Programes Director focused on Goal Number 5 ‘ It is unjust and cruel that Nigerian women continue to die of avoidable causes during pregnancy and child birth. Government and their partners in development need to develop national Action Plans for the reduction of maternal mortality. Women, community groups and local health providers need to participate in these plans to ensure plans reflect local realities. Time for action is now. Women must not continue to die giving life! —— Tominke C. Olaniyan PADEAP international Programmes Director

Key “Stand Up and Take Action” events included:

Schools Stand Up Activities:

Stand up campaigners this year partnered with Ministries of Education in Katsina, Kebbi, Sokoto and Zamfara States to observe Stand up moments during school assemblies in secondary schools. Over a million youth and children in over 800 schools were mobilized via this channel. PADEAP also held stand up events in Ahmadu Bello University Zaria and Usman Dan-Fodio University Sokoto. Ahmadu Bello University remains the largest conventional University in the whole of West Africa.

Stand Up Take Action events in Churches and mosques:

High number of participants in this year’s Stand up campaign came from worship places, especially the mosques. Worshippers in all Northwest Nigeria stood up for good governance which is a necessary requisite in the fight against poverty. This notable break through was achieved by the overwhelming support the campaign obtained from the community of Ulamas in the zone. Thousands also stood up during church services and prayed for political will for government to deliver more on the MDGs.

Other Stand Up Events:

Public Rally events: Public sensitization rallies were organized in all States in collaboration with trade unions, CBOs and commercial transport road workers to further raise public awareness on the MDGs.  Special cooking events were organized on the 16th to commemorate the International Food Day, which was incorporate into the campaign period this year. Also, in a symbolic event farmers in Kebbi State competed in a donkey race to raise awareness on environmental degradation due to desert encroachment. In Kaduna State, a debate was organized between two secondary schools on the Topic: ”Achievement of the MDGs: who is most responsible?” the debate was held inside the Kaduna State of Assembly chambers with most law makers in the state observing.

The people have the power to create whatever change they want including eradicating poverty! — Haj. Hajara Samaila (Principal, Government Girls’ Secondary School Funtua)

About PADEAP Nigeria

Pan African Development Education and Advocacy Programme, (PADEAP), has been working in Funtua, Katsina State since 2000. We seek solutions to African problems using pan-African approaches. In Nigeria, we run a public resource centre; an open space for access to information and interaction on global education. Our adult literacy for women, youth peer education and rights education programmes are mediums through which we create a vehicle of education and advocacy for sustainable development in local communities.



An email sent yesterday, by the Millenium Campaign to participants of the 2009 SUTA.


More than 173 Million People Gather at “Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!” events, setting new world record for largest mobilization in history

A Guinness World Record shattered this weekend when 173,045,325 citizens gathered at over 3,000 events in more than 120 countries, demanding that their governments eradicate extreme poverty and achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). “Stand Up, Take Action, End Poverty Now!”, now in its fourth year, has been certified by Guinness World Records as the largest mobilization of human beings in recorded history, an increase of about 57 million people over last year. Continue reading


Email from the Millenium Campaign:

Dear Stand Up Supporters,

It has been an exciting weekend so far. Millions of people across the world have stood up to take action against poverty. We want to remind you there is still time for you to join the cause before the weekend is up. We invite you to take action online right here, right now.


Simple. Just go to Scroll down to the lower right hand corner of the page. You will see an image of two people sitting and text that says, “Today. Stand up and be counted.” Just click the “Stand Up Now!” button and follow the steps. That’s it!


Just add the widget to your website, blog, or various social networks sites that allow HTML embeds. Go to: You will see an area that says, “Get embed code” Just hit the button, and Copy code. Add this html to your website, and you are done.


1.5 million Stand Up in Nepal

GCAP Nepal has registered 1.5million people taking part in Stand Up and Take Action so far and they have sent in some pictures of the mobilisation. They expect to mobilise 2 million people by the end of the weekend! Congratulations, Nepal. See more >

Rome-based Agencies and UN MIllennium Campaign Europe organise joint SUTA event at FAO’s

Rome-based Agencies and UN MIllennium Campaign Europe organize joint SUTA event in FAO headquarters. Eveline Herfkens, Founder of the UN Millennium Campaign and famous American athlete Carl Lewis warn about hunger and poverty in the South of the world. 600 staff members attend the event; fifty of them surprise the audience with a flash mob on the rhythms of famous Stand Up songs. See more >

National Climate Justice Hearing In Peru: Live broadcast today 19:00GMT

Representatives from regions most affected by climate change will be presenting testimonies on how their lives have been affected by what the UN has now declared the greatest security threat facing the world climate change. See more >


Once you’ve added the widget to your site, it’s now time to spread the word and encourage your friends, family, and like-minded individuals to sign the widget action October 17-18.

1) Add this line to your status message on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites Oct 16 -18: Help! I’m standing up to end poverty today. Come join me @ [enter your website]

2) Use this email signature at the bottom of all your emails: Join my online campaign to end poverty on October 17-18 @[enter your website]

3) Email all your friends, let them know about your personal Stand Up event and direct them to your website on October 17-18

4) Use your blog for good.

Make a posting about the Stand Up cause and encourage everyone you know to take action on your website Oct 17-18.


UN Secretary General Stand UP!

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon visited to the United Nations International School (UNIS) in New York today to address students about the Millennium development Goals and the fight against poverty and to lead the school in a Stand Up Action. Read more >

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SUTA 2009: What you and your friends can do to take actions this year!


2 – HELP US GROW. Invite all your Facebook friends to ‘Fan’ this new page.

3 – SHARE. Interact, share, like and comment on posted articles, photos, videos and status updates.

4 – TAKE ACTION. Go to to learn how to participate in the 2009 Stand up Action, Oct 16-18.

5. SHOW FLAG. Download our Stand Up Champion Banner here:
and upload it as your Facebook profile picture for the next 2.5 weeks.

6. ACT ONLINE. If you can’t join a “Stand Up” event in person, you can participate virtually from October 16 – 18, 2009. Tell friends that have their own website to take action by going to the website and clicking “register” – just like you would for any other event. Once you verify your email, just check the box that says “Online event” in Step One of the Event registration process. At the end of the registration, you’ll get an embed code to use on your website. That’s it!

Forward this message to a friend!

Full Text of Hillary Clinton’s Speech in Abuja Town Hall Meeting

“No matter how much President Obama and I want this future for you, it will be up to you to decide whether it happens or not. You are the ones with both the opportunity and the responsibility. But I want you to know, as you walk this path to a stronger democracy that produces results for your people to lift the development of Nigeria up, that you will have us by your side”. Hillary Clinton

Well, I am absolutely delighted to be here. I’m very grateful to TMG and all of the partners who helped to organize this event. I apologize for keeping you waiting. I’ve had such an extraordinary schedule of meetings today, and I just finished a very interesting and important dialogue with leaders of both the Muslim and Christian communities. And I had to listen to everyone, because everyone had something very important to say. Continue reading

Achievements in International Development Award ’09

Know somebody who’s made a real difference to the fight against global poverry? Why not nominate them for the DFID/Marie Stopes/Guardian ‘Achievements in International Development Award’. Closing date Friday 24th July –

The Guardian is delighted to be launching the Achievements in International Development Award. Running concurrently with the Guardian International Development Journalism Competition, the award aims to…
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About the NNNGO Millenium Campaign’s Video Series (II)

And here are the final four videos released by the UN Millenium Campaign in its eight day one short movie per day campaign.

Goal – 5: Maternal Health Continue reading