7 Point Agenda: CSOs advice President Umaru Musa Yar’adua.

With a terrific turnout of 100 individual votes from across the country, civil society organizations (CSOs) in Nigeria have now made their choice: “Infrastructure particularly Electricity and Transportation” has been polled as the top agenda the Federal Government of Nigeria should focus on in the implementation of its 7 point agenda.

Capturing 95% of the total polls, President Umaru Musa Yar’adua is now being advised to prioritize his seven point agenda with Infrastructure particularly Electricity and Transportation as the top priority. Human Capital – investments in health, education and training and Niger Delta regional development had very strong showings too with 57% and 34% respectively.

“As the Umaru Musa Yar’adua administration concludes its 2nd year and looks forward to the next two years, it is particularly important that it prioritizes its development agenda for Nigeria as encapsulated in the 7 point agenda”“From the outcomes of this poll, clearly the voice of the masses has been re-echoed. Currently the 7 point agenda of Mr. President has remain a rhetoric, while CSO’s and the masses have continued to demand accelerated policy design and implementation in major areas of our national life, the Nigerian government have subsumed our needs and demands to personal politics whilst paying lip service to the rule of law” said Ms. Yemisi Ramsome- Kuti, Trustee, Nigeria Network of NGOs (NNNGO).

Continuing, the NNNGO boss said: “Civil society organizations in Nigeria and indeed the Nigerian masses are calling on Mr. President to make our money work for us, prioritize your 7 points agenda and its implementation and let Nigerians enjoy the dividends of democracy in the remaining two years of your tenure”.

Background: 100 submissions were received from 100 civil society organizations – including youth groups, faith based organizations, women groups, unions, networks and individuals – for the “Help President Yaradua to Prioritize” poll. The Nigeria Network of NGOs on the 1st of June 2009 launched through its mailing list and various others a poll seeking Nigerian civil society organizations’ input on what the focus of the present administration should be in the next two years.

The poll was launched as part of the Networks 2009 MDGs campaign. Participants were asked to select more than one point on the 7 point agenda, so percentages added up to more than 100%.


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